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So I've been trying to find the perfect tutoring for my three children, i've been researching long and hard but nothings been in my budget heres a bit about what i posted in my online journal:

as you know i just recently started using this new math website on my children, I was going to test out sylvan learning however I found it was way to expensive, and because of this economic recession we are in I don’t think I’m financially stable enough to afford driving my kids to a couple hours at sylvan learning and paying a couple hundred a month, for me right now its just too expensive. It does seem very good though I think. But I’m not sure if it’s the best for the price I’m paying. So i was doing a lot of research online, because i have three children i wanted something that can help benefit all of them so I joined them on TeachMeWell.com its actually the cheapest math service online. Its very cool and easy for myself to use because im not much a computer person (my husband helped me start this "live journal" to relieave any stress that he cannot help me with (MEN) ). Anywho this website helps you track you children’s progress online, they basically tell you within the TeachMeWell community where you child is at. They are giving away free subscriptions right now on the website all you have to do is spin the wheel and enter in your information. The website is:


To begin on the site i was letting my children use the free subscription they were having loads of fun. It had lots of different colours and graphics and plenty of games so it definitely kept them busy and occupied while i was figuring out what to cook for dinner. I must say one thing i love about TeachMeWell so far is that there is NO traveling involved they can simply log in from any computer near them or "IP address" and get started on the games, tests, and stuff so far its been 3 days and my kids excitement level for math has definitely risen. So I’m happy with that. Ps my son Christopher is 3 and a 1/2 and he surprisingly is watching his older brother and sister on this site and he’s so eager to play on it/learn so I’m loving it. No complaints so far...however ill let you know further if there are any.
OH and i wanted to know whether they were thinking of coming out with something within the English subject online for the same age range so i e-mailed them and they responded instantly (I loved that) and said they will begin to develop it very soon so hopefully within the next year they'll be something launched which would be wonderful.


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