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My daughter is 2 years-old, and we plan on homeschooling her.

Currently we go to a Moms group one day a week, we paint, color and sing songs. I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for new activities or crafts we could do.
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Date:June 11th, 2009 03:44 pm (UTC)
My daughter is two too! I want to homeschool, things I do with her are counting games, on our way outside we count the steps for example. We started with 5 and when she had 1-5 down good and didn't need my help anymore I would add a new number and every time she learned that number I'd add another. I lack cable so while I'm cooking, cleaning or doing something she can't/doesn't want to do I sit her down with shows like Kai-Lan, I also made sure to get some books on chinese so we can BOTH speak chinese, you can do the same "secondary language" thing with Dora or any other shows that teach children another language. This makes it easier for the children to learn a new language because it's fun. I get most of our learning books from Chapters they have such a wonderful collection of books for ALL ages and they have this "new" level reading book section which makes it easier to find books that are the right level for our children. I also encourage LOTS of interation with children her own age (and up) so she can practice the things she's learning and develope her speech and social skills.

hope that helps
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